I went with Burglar Stop because of 2 factors: one, my parents use ADT and service has been horrible and non-existent. Two, recently went to friend's housewarming party and noticed their security system panel was touchscreen and I thought it was so cool. My friends are really particular and thorough with their decisions so I knew that their recommendation couldn't be wrong. I like to do my own research so I went on their website to read up and check it out - I was quite pleasantly surprised because there were lots of information about security systems, the different systems available and what they offer. They did not have the overwhelming "BOOK US NOW" signs floating around which I liked because you are bombarded with that when you go on ADT and other websites. Also, I found it was so interesting that they have a show room because none of the other companies had one. We checked out the show room because I had some questions prepared and wanted to talk to someone face to face about it. Rick greeted us and he was very pleasant and very knowledgeable in his craft. He showed us the various systems, showed us some options and educated us in the different systems so we could make the right choice. The home consultation was very thorough and we talked about all the areas we were concerned with and what products we can use to address it. Vince did our installation and he was absolutely wonderful. He was punctual, professional, courteous and very humorous. He spent a very long time hooking up the system and installation to make sure they look seamless and perfect. I was so hesitant with the wiring and drilling but looking at the end result it was so clean and discreet. After installation was done he taught us how to use everything and walked us through each step to show how was can use it. Rick called a few days later to follow up - if that's not customer service then I don't know what is. We are really glad we went with Rick and Burglar Stop, not only the security system is working great but I know I can trust them with their knowledge and their great service. Will be recommending them to anyone who asks.

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Company Response

Thank you for your review Susanne. We appreciate your business and your home in Surrey will be safe and secure with your new security system. Rick