I called Mr. Rooter to have an old stack pipe looked at because my insurance company made it a contingency of my home insurance being renewed. I made the appt. a week in advance, & on the day of the appt, just an hour before the time they were supposed to come, I was called by dispatcher Sherry who very briskly asked me that if the plumbers were to come out that day, was I prepared to have the work done that same day. I was shocked, as this was not an emergency call, but an appointment I had made with them a week before. When I expressed concern with her question, in that I did not at the time know the scope of the problem, & could not commit to a time util I had cleared convenient time for my tenants (who would be losing the use of the only bathroom in the house for the duration of the work) Sherry advised me that if I couldnt commit to the job, they would have to cancel the appt. & rebook it for later in the week when they were less busy. I was really shocked & deeply upset by this rather abrupt & unprofessional approach. This company does not honour appts. that are made well in advance, & uses borderline bullying tactics to prioritize their appts. to maximize their profits. Had I told the dispatcher that I would of course have the job done that same day, no matter what the scope or cost of it was, and to heck with the comfort & convenience of my paying tenants, they may have come at the prearranged time. May. They had no respect for the fact I booked time off work that day to let them in, or the inconvenience to my tenants. They were very cavalier in their cancellation, & despite my telling them not to bother coming at all if they were unwilling to honour the appt, I got 3 more phone calls throughout the week asking for a rebook! It turned out to be a $5000 that I had another plumber do the next day. Do not call Mr. Rooter unless you are prepared to lose a day, or more, off work waiting for them to show up, and be prepared if they refuse to show up because you are hoping to get more than 1 quote on the job, and not prepared to have the work done the same day they might decide to show up. Out of the 3 plumbers I called for a quote a week in advance, only 1 actually showed up-and he drove in all the way from Toronto!

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I called 3 different plumbing companies to come for a quote on a job on my house in downtown Hamilton-2 local & Dr. Pipe, who is from Toronto. The 2 local companies cancelled only hours before the time they were supposed to show up for the appointment, despite my booking a week in advance. Dr. Pipe showed up on time (despite having to drive from Toronto), gave a reasonable quote, and did the job quickly, cleanly, & professionally the next day. I am happy that Dr. Pipe will be working in Hamilton in the future, because some of the local plumbing companies can't even get it together to show up for the initial quote. I would use Dr. Pipe again for any of my commercial or residential plumbing jobs, and would highly recommend to others. Beware of the other local companies with 1-800 numbers with dispatchers.

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Company Response

Thanks, Delaney. It’s a great to hear how happy you were with our plumbing service. Your vote of confidence is important and nice compliment for us. We look forward to being the plumbing and drain service providers you will continue to rely on in case you require assistance again in the future