I was moving from Fort McMurray, Alberta to Ontario. They had a low bid of 2500 as a quote. This company took my items, kept them for 4 months, and repeatedly deceived me to my face about delivery times. I called them every day for two months and they would say "oh, it's on the way. oh the truck broke down. oh we can't get a hold of the delivery driver." Turns out their driver took them to Vacouver and would not release them until I paid the driver 2700$. Got the police involved and finally got my stuff, or about 80% of it. Other 20 % arrived damaged and many pieces were lost. When it arrived 4 months later they charged be 5000 and only offered to take off 400$ for the inconvenience. I have emails to prove all of this and our correspondences. email germain [dot] and i'll send it to you. These guys are crooks and deceivers and everyone is dishonest.

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