Very professional! Also very Fast, they finished my roof in just one day!! When they left, they had also cleaned up any debris from construction which I'm very thankful for. I spoke with angjelin, and he was friendly and professional. Him and his crew did an amazing job! I definitely would recommend them to my friends and family. -nancy

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hello Nancy thanks for your kind words it means alot to hear good feedback from our customers as we strive nothing but 100% satisfaction.


This company is just filled with people who want to take your money. We had Edward come in and fix the upstairs toilet because it was clogged and the basement was leaking under the toilet. He "cleared the blockage" by changing the gasket and charged us but as soon as someone used the toilet it got clogged again. We called them and he came back and said the toilet bowl needs to be changed for an extra 285! I said no because I no longer trusted their service. I called another plumbing company that came here before and they fixed the problem with one visit. I kept calling the "office manager" David to try to get my money back, and they keep dodging my calls or say that they cannot do a refund and they keep hanging up on me in the middle of my conversation. So please, find another plumbing company other than this company. The people are very unprofessional and rude.

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