i was there with my son for 3 months & after that i had figure out that the Chinese coach was just fitness trainer and he dont know nothing at all about fencing & the other Coach Joluo his fraut after i ask about him i checked his record with USFA he never made even top 64 in the time he was fencing he only start winning in the vid event have 10 or 12 fencer all of them over 50 years old & all the fencers no how to fence in this club as he taken from diffent clubs and been kicked out from diff. clubs

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Company Response

Hello Kenneth,

As I can understand your frustration with a bad experience with a company, I strongly believe you wrote a review on the wrong company. We are Fence and Deck Contractors (we build fences and decks) and are completely dissociated with the sport of Fencing (white suits, face mask, and swords).

As a company, we would like for you to remove your review of us as it does not relate to our business and its duties whatsoever. It has negatively affected our rating on Homestars and can put customers off to other businesses who perform the same service that we do.

Thank you, and I hope your experience with other companies is more beneficial for you.