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We had a need to use 40 yd bins for the removal of materials after a full house demolition. We rented several (I think 7) bins from this company. Our major problem with them was that they could be very rude when we called to speak with them on the phone. Some of the staff would not explain limitations or time limits to us in detail and then would chastise us if we made mistakes. They were also much more expensive than other companies. The did provide us with a product that we needed, but I would not go out of the way to hire them again.

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We have been renovating our house for 3 years and have had to use large bins (40 yd.) to get rid of our waste. By far, King was the best price, most courteous and most pleasant company to work with. We were very happy with them and have in fact recommended them highly to many other people. Great company!

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The job was done to expectations but they had to return a few months later for a replacement tile that blew off in a windstorm. It was a bit of an issue getting them to return and when the came to our house it was a good thing that we had spare tiles to use because they were unprepared.

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