Kevin is awesome! Very professional and friendly. He explained the problem and the solution. 1 month after the bait placed by Kevin, he came back, as promised, to check the situation. All bait was gone, thus he put more bait. Came back 1 month later again. Bait untouched, so the issue has minimized from a reactive situation to a proactive one. He placed some extra bait just in case, and asked that we call him in 6-12 months to monitor and stay on top of situation. We are very thankful for Kevin's work & guidance and strongly recommend his company to anyone.

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Company Response

Thanks so much! Often the public is unaware that mice/rats are slowly breeding away right within the walls and attic even over many years before evidence occurs. Very common. The population must be reduced and eliminated through treatment. No problem we can fix it. Thanks very much for being a great customer.