I’m very unsatisfied or my experience with Greenland/Midland Vans Line. I moved from Gatineau to Edmonton. I had 2 major problems. I was billed wrongfully for storage unit that I didn’t use because of a mistake from somebody within the company and issues with my delivery and missing items. I called in June 2014 to have a quote and the price was good and after talking to the rep, Nathalie, I decided to sign a contract with Midland. I schedule my pick up date for August 30, 2014 and the guys showed up and loaded my things in the truck. So far I was happy with the service and I had the peace of mind that my things were handled. I also signed for 8 weeks of free storage, so until October 25. So when I was getting closer to the end of those 8 weeks, I called to make sure my things would leave their storage place to be delivered to Edmonton. I called Midland the first week of October to ask when my things could be shipped. The guy I talked to told me they only shipped to Edmonton on the 15 of each month, so I asked to be on that shipment. I also gave him my email address, and ask him to email me the confirmation and at the same time I would be able to email him the address for the delivery. I’ve waited and I didn’t receive any email. I tried to call again the week after, multiple times, and no answer. I call October 16th to get a confirmation that my things were on their way and give the address. The man I talked to confirm that my things were in transit and I was suppose to received them 10 open days later. So I rent a storage unit starting Oct. 27 to receive all my belongings. When by October 30 I haven’t receive any call from anybody I tried to call again to make sure everything was on track. After multiple tries, I never got to get the line. So I called Greenland, because it was that name that was showing on my receipt. I talk to Erin and she told me that my things had left the storage unit Oct 29, 2014. Two weeks after the confirmation that I had and passed the limit date for my storage unit. After I noticed that I had been charge for a full month of storage, 463$, so a couple days pass the due date, when I had the confirmation that my things would be shipped enough day prior so it won’t cause any trouble. I called back and express my issue to Erin. She said she understand and she thought that I shouldn’t have been charge and that she would check with the right people to fix the situation and call me back in the next few days. A week later, I still hadn’t received a call back so I called back and she said she would try to talk to those people and call me after. Still no calls from anybody and I called again and ask her who was in charge of those problem. She said I should talk to Irene. The problem is that Irene is a part time, so I was calling twice everyday and I couldn’t talk to anybody, she was never there and sometimes people were telling my there was no Irene working for Greenland Vans Line. In the meantime, I received my shipment, Nov 12, 2014 and I notice a lot of my things were missing, but I couldn’t do the inventory because everything is a storage unit, because my house won’t be ready until April 2015. I started the claim for my missing sectional and a few boxes that I noticed were missing at the same time I was still trying to get in touch with Irene for my refund. I have been directed to the man in charge of the claims for my couch and I talked to him and he confirmed that they looked into the storage and couldn’t find my belongings so they would start an offer to compensate me. When I called back a few days later, because he was not calling me back, he magically found my things and told me that they would be on the next shipment Jan 5. I told him that I am working and since it is the company mistake, I want my things to be delivered on a Saturday. He agrees and said it wouldn’t be a problem. That same week I finally talked to Irene and she said I would need to talk to her boss, Nancy, to resolve the problem, but she was on vacations until Dec 22, 2014, that I should call her back then. I called that day and when I tried to be transfer to Nancy, the person on the phone told me no Nancy were working there, so I asked to talk to Irene who was not in the office. I tried to reach somebody all during Christmas time without success. The week of Jan 5, 2015, I called to confirm my shipment was on its way and that I wanted it delivered a Saturday, the man I talked to confirm that it wouldn’t be a problem, then I explain my situation over again and the person told me that Tracy is the one I should have talked to all that time. So I was transferred to her and she said she would process my request and her boss needs to approve it before they send me a cheque, somebody was suppose to call me that same day to confirm. Without surprise, nobody called. I called again the next day, Tracy said that she would tell him again and he would call me back. After that, I unsuccessfully tried to talk to her or her boss multiple times every week until Feb 5, 2014 when I talked to Mark. He said he would call me back the next day, Feb 6, in the morning with a solution. No answer, so I called back in the afternoon and he had left at 1 PM, so I talked to the rudest employee in the place. That man was lacking interpersonal skills and he was very insulting and didn’t try to understand the situation and even less tried to find a solution. He told me that somebody called me to let me know that they wouldn’t pay me back what they owned me, and that I should be the mature one and stop calling. That I’m complaining for no reason and that if I’m not happy to use legal procedures, the company won’t change its mind and I don’t deserve my money back. I called the week of Jan 19, 2014, to know when to expect my delivery and also to confirm that delivery on a Saturday would work. The man said it wouldn’t be a problem; he was scheduling it for Saturday Jan 31, 2015. The truck driver called me Tuesday Jan 27, 2015, at 9 to inform me that my delivery was going to be at 11 that same morning. I said no, that is not what I was told 3 times, that it has to be a Saturday because I was working and had appointments, I couldn’t just leave on a short notice like that. Nobody called me the day before to confirm that this would work. The truck driver was rude and said he would call the office and I asked him to call me back after. After 2 hours waiting I called him back and he said he didn’t call me back because the office guy already called me back. He had nothing to tell me so I had to call the office and I talk to the same rude guy that I talk to Feb 6. He said that they can’t delivery on Saturday that there’s other clients that works too and they take time off for that. I explained that I requested that because that delivery was because of the mistake of somebody in the company that “lost” my things, and if everything was done properly on the first try, we wouldn’t be in this situation. He asked if I could make it work for a delivery at night, I said yes. He said he would call the driver of the truck to confirm and he would call me back. After 4 hours, I hadn’t received any call from anybody, so I had to call back. The girl I talked to on the phone said they recognize my phone number and to tell me that it would be ok for this Saturday, I should receive a call on Friday to confirm. That Friday, nobody called me. I spent the day waiting on Saturday and nobody called or tried to deliver. I received a phone call Tuesday morning, Feb 3, to tell me they could deliver that same night between 6-7 PM. To get it over with, I said yes and waited for their call. They deliver my things in the storage unit. My boyfriend helped to make everything fit in the unit, because the delivery guys were just unloading the truck and they left before we were done placing all the boxes inside the unit.

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