After repeated delays over months, Precision cleaned most of our gutters. They missed moss and a whole back corner. They said they'd return & never did. Multiple calls went unreturned or delayed. They wanted payment of the outstanding balance which we said we'd pay when they finished. They stopped returning our calls. Now a credit collection agency is after us after two years. We sold the house a year ago. Off to small claims court. Shoddy business with no professionalism. Stay away.

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Company Response

Ray - thank you for your comments. It's only fair that we respond with a more complete timeline.
After successfully installing the full gutter system in 2005, we were asked to come back and clean out the gutters in 2013.
Due to the location of the property, this involved renting an aerial boom lift for your job, paying for City permits for road access, flag traffic control etc. which constituted the majority of the quoted cost. We successfully performed the cleaning of the gutters and also sprayed the moss in the designated area on the shake roof to help kill it off. The price of the moss control quoted was just $78. We do not remove moss off roof areas, especially when they are steep angles like yours. This work was completed in August 2013. We were asked to re-attend as not all of the moss had been killed and we did this in October 2013. We then attended again to add a downpipe to a "missed" overflow scupper (which are not designed to have downpipes, as they are there to warn of excess standing water on the flat roof areas) but you felt it was necessary. This was done at no cost.
We were also only paid 30% of our original quotation, for the gutter cleaning, which did not even cover the equipment rented on your behalf. In view of your displeasure and despite our best efforts, we removed the debt from collections and effectively wrote it off.
We also approached you in the summer of 2014 to offer further complimentary moss treatment but were informed you had sold the property.
In over 25 years of servicing the lower mainland, there are the very rare occasions , when despite every effort, you just can't please someone. But we hope that our explanation makes our Company values very apparent.