Loyal customer for YEARS!!! Not anymore! Will never shop here again 2 year old Washer under EXTENDED WARRANTY broke. $$$ for extended warranty Technician sent SEVEN times to try to repair. Customer service a nightmare to deal with. Refused to accept machine not fixable. Time and money spent on our part (staying home to let technician in....having to go to laundry mat and pay to do my laundry. There's a reason a washer is bought for a avoid going to a laundry mat....and for my convenience. ) After many arguments with customer service, a replacement was approved. Not one for one.....still had to pay out of pocket. Advised there would still be 2 weeks to wait for arrival of a call the day after saying delivery would be in a day...again we stay home to wait and end up finding out, the call was made in ERROR!!! No respect for what customers have to endure for what is OUR right. Extended warranty means nothing! Enough is enough for us in having to deal with this company!

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After having received excellent service by our salesperson in selling us our lighting fixtures which we paid almost $7000, we were very very disappointed, actually angry, to find that all fixtures had been received with some defect or another. After many phone calls, emails and discussions, we thought that there would have been some sort of attempt by the manager to help us out in trying to make our situation better. Boy were we wrong. Thought the solution to our problem would be offering a $100 discount on the defected $7000 lighting fixtures. Union Lighting should be ashamed of themselves for having a manager who makes a situation worse instead of trying to rectify it. Manager simply walked away when we told him he had the nerve to offend a customer in such a way after the amount of money we spent and having received defective items. Will never shop there again (as we have at least another 10 fixtures required for our home and another 10 to buy for our business). Their loss! Would never recommend them to family or friends.

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