Thomas was recommended to us by a very popular Toronto designer who we trusted, so we hired him, which was a massive mistake. Our project which should have taken 6 months tops, has now taken over a year and we are still at it because we are trying to finish it ourselves. Everything Thomas did has to be redone, but most importantly the ESA ( Electrical Safety Standards Division) became involved because Thomas's electricians (who were working in our home) did not have a permit nor were they licensed. The ESA has launched a full investigation against Thomas. The city inspectors are also involved because not one permit, even for the plumbing,was applied for by Thomas, so if something happens electrically or otherwise, your insurance company will not warranty the claim. Thomas also could not bring any of his own trades, but instead was finding his workers ( who he wasn't paying) at wood stores or tiles stores by hiring anyone who left their business card behind and who gave him the cheapest rate for their work. We ended up firing Thomas and if you are smart, you won't even consider hiring him. He is a total disaster and should go back to his previous job, which was working as a waiter, but maybe he was fired from that too, which wouldn't surprise me.

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