Bore designed and constructed a two tier deck for our home. While the work itself went well and met our expectations, the time frame we were given for the project to start and end was not what the company delivered. The owner was not returning our calls and our project felt like it was in limbo for a long time. When he finally did get back to us, he told us he had been having issues with worker availability. We felt if that was the case, he should have told us that in the beginning or somewhere in the process instead of ignoring our calls. As stated, the workmanship itself was good, but the process of getting the work done left much to be desired.

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Due to incompetencies by the previous homeowner, our house failed an electrical inspection. We had 30 days to be within compliance or else the Electrical Authority was going to shut our power off. Cedric from Ogilvie was quick to respond and provide an estimate for the work. This was a big job and we were on a deadline. Ogilvie did the work efficiently and in a timely manner. They are perhaps more expensive than others, but we wanted a company that follows the permitting rules and everything else associated with electrical compliance. We were pleased with Ogilvie.

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We had ceramic flooring installed by Sacwal three years ago and experienced problems from the get go. The tiles bowed, and the sub contractor returned to remove the worst ones and reinstall with new tiles. This seemed to make the problem worse because after a few months, the grout started to chip away. When we called or stopped in, we were treated as though we were nuisance customers. I emailed the owner and he was extremely rude, saying that it's not technically Sacwal that installs the flooring but a subcontractor. I paid Sacwal to facilitate the work, and it was done poorly, so in my opinion Sacwal is accountable. The owner said he would send the subcontractor back, but by that point I had no faith in this company to allow them back in my home. We have had two companies come in since then to assess the floor and the grout that has come out of it, and both have said it's a poor job and the tiles are shifting. Lesson learned.....hire a company that employs its own installers.

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