I purchsed a highly renovated house from a gentleman that used Benjamin Moore paint and the services of the nice folks there at the store on 120 and 64 in Surrey. Subsequent to the purchase, I needed paint as well. Because of the record keeping I was able to find paint that matched what was used. When I was looking for a paint that was no longer available at this store, they went a long way to find me paint; all I had to do was drive and pick it up. The only thing I might say is that although the staff at the store have good knowledge of paint and the application thereof, the owner maintains the expert knowledge in his head. Hope he doesn't get hit by a truck. I highly recommend this company.

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Nice selection of baby stuff but when it came to after sales service they really dropped the ball. I ordered rails for the crib which were not in stock. I had to pay for them in advance and was assured they would be in stock in a week. They weren't and they forgot to order. It took some time to get them but the real issue is that the crib is for my Grandaughter who lives in Victoria. I ended up having to pay extra to ship them there because the delays caused me to miss free shipping opportunities.

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