After three years of successfully using this service, the last six months they have become unreliable. Late cancellation to schedule; turnstyle of workers and yesterday, after they had not shown up to clean our home, nor called, I contacted them. The woman answered the phone told me that had not transferred us to their new system and she was sorry. They could not come for 10 more days to clean...a month since the last cleaning. In frustration I used the word "hell". She told me I was not speaking in a mature fashion, it was unacceptable and she was immediately cancelling my contract and hung up. I was infuriated and called back. She told me they turned down 40 people this week as they are too busy. She would. It give me the names of the owners to speak to and asked me where I wanted my house key sent! She hung up again on me. NEVER EVER USE THIS SERVICES. To the owner if you read this, FIRE this woman.

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