Sometimes you purchase a home that the builder decides to just go with the cheapest means to complete a project - lowest value heating system, not putting in a dual climate control for a large 3-level home, and a 50-gal water heater when you have a 70-gal jacuzzi tub! Yeah, these are the things we live with....cuz you don't know what you don't know when you purchase a home already "done". I rarely call on ads I see in our local paper but something struck me about the full page ad One Hour placed in this week's edition - it was like the owner was having a conversation with the reader, not a sales pitch, very sincere in his approach to improving your quality of life while understanding the impact of cost to the homeowner means in this economy. The HVAC mechanics - talk about dedicated. First, they were so polite, careful of our property and non-intrusive to my work from home routine. I hardly heard a peep except when they were cutting and pounding out the vent part of the install. These guys never left - not for lunch, not for dinner...they kept working till the job was done and we were fully schooled in caring for our new system and setting up our talking thermostat. 11 am - 10 pm...need I say more? My husband and I are very happy with the temperature and humidity level in our home 24 short hours after the installation of our new HVAC system. We certainly recommend One Hour if you need an efficient replacement system in your own home...and the care and customer service they provide.

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