Although Heritage Office Furnishings is known for selling brand new, top of the line office furniture, I used them for an upholstery job after a neighbor recommended them. Who knew? Sure enough, I checked their website and they offer a whole "re:" service, from re:pairing, re:furbishing and re:upholstery. The website didn't have a photo gallery so I drove there in person to see their work. The showroom was easy to find, the upholstery shop is located right behind it, and there is tons of FREE parking. It was top notch! I cannot tell you how pleased I was with the handling of my grandmothers antique chair. The Heritage crew took it down to bare bones, built it back up, fixed all the knicks and scratches. The finished product was perfect, and far better quality than an upholstery job I had done at an upholstery shop. Ironically this office furniture retailer is a full service furniture star!! Thank you Heritage.

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