We didn't plan to change our furnace initially becoz of limited budget after just purchasing a new house. However, we felt cold air and smelled stinky carpet from the basement all the time, so we started to shop around. We normally go with Chinese company which, in our mind, offers better deal. However, after referral by my real estate agent, we contacted Chris. It was in the beginning of Dec. and every furnace company was busy due to lots projects going on before X'mas, Chris was the only one to reply our needs right way and came to visit our house with an engineer to point out issues - all other visits from other furnace companies were just with sales representatives who some times did not know whole lots about technical details. Chris was also the only one provide a price which we can afford and meet all our needs including refilling insulation, duct cleaning, and replace furnaces. The weather was not good during the work day, Chris also communicated with us regarding any change of scheduling during the process - it is very important, coz we felt that he was taking care of us as promised. He also came to supervise the installation and made sure everything was working properly afterwards. I felt he is very reliable, is very serious about his work, and takes pride of his role to provide services.

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