We purchased a set of garden door and windows from Dan's, after hearing about amazing deals. we ordered custom window inserts for the doors, which came in after 3 week delays TWICE... we took time off work to pick them up and found out that they were not even the windows we ordered. Dan, and the help at the counter actually laughed at us and asked us what our problem was. 'What was another week wait". We had been patient and friendly for 8 weeks already. We later found the exact same doors at home depot for 600$ cheaper, and canceled our order for the custom inserts. We found that the frame our door was in was twisted, (from the manufacturer) and may need to replace the door already. Although you MAY find an occasional deal.... I wouldn't recommend this place to someone at all.

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We had used Custom Lawn Sprinkler to install our system in our previous home in east york 12 years ago. When we moved out of the city, we were so relived to find out that they would not only install, but service our new area as well! We have been happy all these years with their service. And are even happier still with the new system. We referred 2 friends already, and have received free winterizations, although we would highly recommend them regardless. Its the same owner operated for over 40 years, and I believe this makes a big difference in the service. We have a neighbor on our street who installed with a cheaper company- but cant find them after only one year. I would worry about my warranty. Overall, I would give the owner Diethard (who is a great personable fellow) and his respectable crews a 10 out of 10.

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