I started having problem with my stove at home in November. The broiler worked, but the oven didn't. So I called Jim Gaita. He said he would be glad to come take a look. I was hoping to have it repaired, instead of buying a new stove, in order to save money. Jim came out, told me it was probably some part that was broken that needed to be replaced. He charged me $220. He told me my oven was fixed, and then went on his merry way. A few days later when I used the broiler, it wouldn't turn off. I had to unplug the stove completely, because there was a loud beeping sound. I called Jim's number, but got a message that he was in Florida until February. I decided to wait for his return. I left a message for him, asking him to call me when he got back. I got a call from his wife, stating that he was in the hospital. So I waited a few more weeks. Today, I finally got in touch with Jim Gaita. He told me that even though my stove broke the first time I used it after he "repaired it", it wasn't his fault and there was nothing he could do. He flat out told me, "I DON"T CARE". Absolutely horrible customer service! I'm out $220 and now have to go buy a new stove. Avoid this horrible person and the crummy "work" he does. I understand he's got health issues and is probably burnt out from all his years in the business, but giving me at least a partial refund would have been a show of good faith. He clearly has no interest in providing quality service at this point. He's looking to make as much as he can before he retires. STAY AWAY! I'm going back to All Home Appliances.

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