Always on time and did an amazing job. Will use them again. Always showed up when they promised and finished ahead of schedule. Also fixed work that was done by a previous contractor.

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Company Response

It was a pleasure working with you Alex! Call us back anytime, enjoy your beautiful new home!!


Sales part was good. but service went out the windows at install. original installers were extremely rude. Only one installer was left from the crew. Was only suppose to be a half day job took almost two days. Cabinets were never adjusted properly and the slow close mechanisms were not properly adjusted. Some cabinets need to be pushed closed and other slam. They were also installed in different locations in the cabinets. When contacted about the issues I was told this was an adjustment and cabinets need to be adjusted after the first month. The manufacturer disagrees as said that if they had been adjusted during install (something they state should be done) that no adjustment would be needed for years. Interior nation said they would come out and make the adjustments but would charge me $150 per hour. This should have been covered under the install warranty. They also failed to order the shelves. They placed the order and I had to pick them up from their location. When I got home it turned out they were the wrong size. They said that the manufacturer was closed for the holidays but that if I bring them the shelves they would have the cut to the correct size and bring them to me on Monday. On Monday I got an email saying that they had ordered replacement shelves. No explanation on what happened. The replacements shelves arrived and they also were the wrong size. Didn't end up getting the shelves for over a month after the install. As they don't backup their workmanship I would avoid them at all costs.

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Company Response

Hello Alex, Thank you for giving us an opportunity to work on your kitchen renovation project. We also want to thank Homestars for being a fair platform where honest businesses like us also gets an opportunity to reply to, discrepancies in writing the right experience about services by people like yourself. We’d like to address issues of cabinet adjustment, installer & shelves you mentioned.
1.) Alex, you mailed us regarding comparative more door gap in one wall cabinet. We mailed you 6-way hinge adjustment procedure on your request as well. We spoke with you on this matter and requested you for your availability so problem can be assessed but instead of giving us time to meet you decided to take this unfortunate step of de-legitimizing our great company. When you notified regarding soft close mechanism not working we offered you free replacement but never got any claim from you or your continued dissatisfaction about soft close until when we read your review on homestars. Please do not mislead readers by mentioning $150/hour charge asked by us as it is untrue. We guarantee all our product free from any manufacturing defect and committed to free replacement of same.
2.) You wanted our kitchen installer to remove your plumbing, whereas our agreement was for cabinets & counter installation and not plumbing. When you were told by installer that he is not licensed plumber and it is important to use licensed trades for your personal safety and protection, you get aggressive & annoyed and asked the kitchen installation team to leave your house. I would like to ask you don’t you think it was an unappropriated behavior of yours which prompted the situation? No professional can take this degree of insult. It was only at Deepak’s personal intervention that the situation was resolved. We provided you with a plumber on super urgent basis so installation can begin and can be done appropriately. Other demand you did last minute was tilt out tray installation, We supplied the parts and gave you an extra accessory without charging you installation cost. Now when situation like these arises where you start asking for un-planned upgrades & modifications certainly delay in installation cannot be avoided. The kitchen installation is 1-2 days project regardless, you were told about the procedure at time of ordering. We discuss the kitchen installation procedure with all our clients and made sure they fully understand the procedure and only after their full understanding we proceed with ordering, and you were no exception. There was no reason to complain about the process when you understand and agreed for 7-10 days of complete kitchen reno procedure. Rather in your case project was fully completed in 2 days, yes 2 days and you cannot deny that, when we said complete means fully installed and you were witness to that. Don’t you call this an AWESOME SERVICE. We had installed your cabinets on day1 & custom countertop the next day. You were so thrilled and appreciated our fast installation of granite counter top. The kitchen installer issue, that too due to your undue plumbing work demand, was buried deep under the appreciation of one day installation of granite top. Later you acknowledged in your mail that door alignment issue was also been resolved. Now your remark on installer and service is absurd.
3.) We agree that wrong size shelves were shipped by manufacturer, but we never refused to give you the replacement. We took the responsibility and shipped you the replacement through FedEx priority shipment at our cost to avoid your trip to showroom. When we installed our kitchen and countertop, much earlier than what we initially planned, you were happy & satisfied with the delivery. You were satisfied with shelves delivery as well. We are unable to understand what explanation you were expecting on replacement of shelves now when we discussed the delivery date & we mailed you all the schedule as well. Shelves delay was due to Christmas break and again we made sure at that time that you were well informed regarding the delivery status.

We cannot emphasize more that you wrote a very unfair review about us. We finished our work on timely manner and with great integrity. Alex, please share the pictures of your kitchen so peoples can see the end product and what exactly you are complaining about here. Also we want to assure you that our conversation on public platform will not affect the guarantee on our cabinets. It will remain in effect as per our agreement so please do not hesitate to call us if you need any guarantee related services for this project in future. Thank you, Deepak & Interior Nation Team.