Very sad that Trevor hurts innocent people who have saved money to update their houses. I cannot count the number of delays in our project. - they don't even call to tell you that no one will be showing up that day -- or that week !! What nerve. He went back on all his promises. Please, please read the fine, detailed print in the contract -- he says things but then changes the wording on the contract and you think it is what you discussed but it's not and he is sneakily in the clear.

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Company Response

Thank you for your posting. This sounds like the PATEL family of Brampton.

Very early on in the renovation process it became evident that Hawthorne did not clearly understand the scope of the project. This became clear on the second day of work when we were asked to complete tasks that were not part of the written scope of work originally agreed upon. After discussing this further with the Patel family, Hawthorne decided to proceed with the work and complete several items at no additional charge.
This same scenario repeated itself several times until our project manager no longer was able to offer athe free extra work. Unfortunately, this stance did not go over well with the Patel family.
We regret to say that after much hard work and many, many discussions how to complete the work in a cost effective and profficient manner, we are no longer working on the project. The relationship came to an abprut end when very unexpectedly the client without permission used one of our trade accounts to acquire material.
Hawthorne tried many times to contact the client to discuss why this was done, but our calls and letters went unanswered. Unfortunately the relationship was forced to come to an abrupt end because of this incident and the propoer authorities are investigating the manner.

We again encourge the Patel family to return the material to the supplier. We would then be very happy to continue the work and finish the last remaining details of the project.

Sincerely, The Hawthorne Team.