Matt, the owner kept saying he's giving his word that his job will be top notch and quality. – his website offers a guarantee of all work, He was hired to re-skin( waterproof) and re stone the patio. Instead he and his crew used/ poor quality stone reusing most when we did not authorize. Close to the end they left things missing and broken, rushed the job and of course caused a horrible leak in our basement - 2 outside inspectors found them fully at fault.(the Mike Holmes company that says its uneven and shoddy!) When we brought to Matt’s attention he ran like a rat on a sinking ship.....text messages saying he will come and then nothing. We have all the paperwork...there are uneven stones, cement spilled on the grass, a dead tree, plants they destroyed and black gummy splatters on my wall. The downspouts look like a high school shop class tin project when before they were matching to the eaves and spouts. They failed to caulk between the stones (caps) to ensure a waterproof seal. It wasn’t the weather but a personal vacation that rushed him. While he wants to make this personal he fails to address his poor workmanship and the issues at hand. Matt fails to mention how much he was (over) paid $90,000+ for the job. He fails to mention that he "guarantees" his work as his website states. He fails to mention the “roofer” that was waterproofing and spilled the tar like substance was HIS employee. Understand that my generation a “tool” is something you fix something with – any comments of me using that term or bad language is completely false. Any comments of my “money pit” which we have loved for more than 10 years is false – any personal attacks on relationships is just a feeble attempt for matt to regain some credibility. The stones were never to be reused --You can rant all you want but it has no bearing on your poor workmanship, you walking off the job and failing with your promises. Each and everything we have stated are facts and backed up by not one but two professional reports. The pictures are proof.

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Company Response

Once again . The stone that we reused was requested by Mr.L and I have pics that show how uneven it was before we had even removed it!!!! The black splatter that this lady is referring to is tar from the roofer that put a membrane on the patio. It's interesting now that she says MIKE HOLMES CREW inspected my work because when I had told her that I've worked with the Holmes organization she called Mike Holmes a TOOL and said she thinks he's full of BS!! I don't know what a tree has to do with anything because we didn't have anything to do with trees and yes we spilled some masonry cement on the grass but before we could finish up the climate became to unbearable and we did not show up for the last day of clean up. Like I mentioned $15,000 remaining balance !! And I have all pictures of before and after !! Email for all work on this house.

And yes this is very personal when you slander me and my crew without merit!!!!

I'm not sure why Mrs. L thinks she is entitled to any sort of warranty when her balance was owing is $15,000 !!! Had Mrs. L not come out on a Dailey bases blaming me and my crew for the money pit of a home she purchased and her personal matrimonial issues we would have shown up for the last clean up day and the minor issues she is trying so hard to make a big deal would not be an issue. This post is a farce!!!

In addition : the pictures the Lady posted are of some unfinished work that as mentioned would have taken one working day to correct. Some of the pictures aren't of any work that we did but of the quality of work that was done to the home prior to my arrival!! When we arrived at the house for initial inspection there was already a crew ripping apart the basement because of a major leak and major mould and rotting that was caused because of poor building techniques by the builder !!! I don't understand why this lady is trying to slander our good name so badly ... She has a lot of time on her hands and nothing to do with all her time. Reading this reminds me of the daily stressful work conditions we had to endure!! I have picture of all work before and after and the mould and rotting stone we changed but for some reason home stars does not let me post from my side. I have no idea where she got the $90,000. Dollar figure but it is clear that this a the only thing she has to do!! Slander us !!! HOW DARE YOU!!?? And shame on you!!! And " tool" was used to slander Mr. Holmes!!! Regardless of what you think it meant in your " generation"