Our sales rep Robert said the roof will be done in 6 wks. We signed the contract Sept 21 and only done in December 22. The time line he had given was very inaccurate. We did not even received a phone call for follow up; instead I had to call several times. He kept on saying we are next in line. He also mentioned that Derek, the installation anger will come and re-measure the roof to make sure that he got the right measurement, so this is what we were expecting; but did not happen. After several calls Robert called us first week or second week of December saying that because of the holidays, my roof would be done in January 2015. I told him frankly that we are so frustrated an that if we only knew, we could haWe signed a contract to be done in spring and not winter time. He then called me again that they would do the job before Christmas. The following day they dropped the materials on my drive way and again We were frustrated because they did not even bother to cover it knowing that there would be a heavy snow the following day. Finally after again few days they came and finished the job. One of my neighbours mentioned to me that it's already dark but the guys were still working and they were wondering how could it be done properly. When the guys finished, the gutters were messy, the snow guards on the roof over my garage was not installed. So we had to call them again. By the way we did not even received a phone call to say that they would come that day to start the job.

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