We were charmed by the artistic salesman and reasonable pricing. Unfortunately, the salesman happened to be a very unorganized and hard to reach person as we could learn it about him later on. Massages left in his personal voice mail could be returned only after a call to the main office. The delivery was delayed by almost 4 months. Windows installation was lousy: not plumb, yellow foam sprayed on the black roof shingles and the outside brick walls, drywall ripped around the windows – the room walls had to be repaired and repainted on our own expense. The FM Industries installers used MDF to frame the windows, not wood. We received much unexpected reaction from the main office when complained about the deficiencies. The person who seemed to be the owner of the company demanded a full payment immediately and threatened to pull out the workers if we do not comply. At that moment the front door was removed and the replacement one had yet to be installed. When we refused to pay in full until everything is completed according to our contract the installers just walked away and we were left to deal with the front door installation ourselves. Fortunately, it was early afternoon and we managed to hire a contractor to finish the job the same day. A week later we negotiated a price reduction with the tough owner, which yet with the added costs for room renovation and the front door installation resulted in $600 more than we originally signed off to spend on the windows and front door replacement. Last week I called the FM Windows to order replacement weather stripping. It deteriorated rather quickly within a 4 months period. I had to talk to the owner once again and had to listen to a very abrasive lecture on how big a full I am expecting that the company will honor their lifetime warranty after the contract was short paid. The gentleman hung up on me without giving a chance to reason. We have read and also heard several times from the salesman that the company has been in business in Canada for 30 years. Somehow it does not feel as Canadian business at all except for the first encounter with the salesman.

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Company Response

This customer has neglected to pay his account in full. He owes FM Industries $1400.00 which has caused us to invalidate his warranty. His complaint to the BBB was dismissed because of the same, and we simply cannot honour our warranty if the services are not paid for.

Upon receipt of the balance owing, we will reinstate his warranty and rectify any ligitement complaints immediately.

Linda Bellisario
Customer Service Supervisor