we've used these guys for different jobs for over 5 years now in two different homes. we had them gut and renovate the bathrooms in our old home, put up crown molding on curvy walls, an attic hatch and ladder, replace a fence etc. the latest job was the biggest. they completely took out two bathrooms that shared a common wall to create two smaller bathrooms and a walk-through closet with a laundry chute. they always do excellent work. they're smart guys who come up with great solutions to construction problems. they really think through projects so i never have to worry about leaks or or things being off kilter. they know their materials too. most importantly, they care about the quality of work they do.

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the contract was officially through sears who hired these guys to replace our existing furnace and hot water heater with a new furnace and a tankless water heater back in's still not done. they took two days the first time. at the end of the first day we were told no problems using the hot water overnight. but they didnt mention the condensate line wasn't attached to anything so we had a puddle. at the end of the 2nd day i had a twinge about the install so i contacted the city for an inspection. they hadn't gotten a permit! city inspector failed the install with 9 items including them having to remove ALL the PVC installed (both units direct vent). wasn't until after new year's they came back. they sent the same guy by himself. who spent most of the time on the phone getting instructions. spent all day at our home but only fixed a handful of minor things. Managed to scratch the top of the new furnace and cut into the side of the condensate pump in the process. sears is now sending someone new after we told them the other guys are never allowed in our house again. Oh, our thermostat is also hanging on the wall with silicone glue because they knocked so many holes in the wall just putting it in that the screws don't have a hold.

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