After dealing with a disreputable company (can't name names here but they have a 1 out of 10 stars on this site) , it was an absolute pleasure to deal with Les at Peel Electric Appliances. Along with the quick repairs he did after a correct diagnosis of the problem, he also provided some tips on other appliances we have and how to extend their lives/reduce repairs. Very refreshing to have an honest repairman and I recommend Les unreservedly.

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0/10 so many others on this site, I sure do wish I had read about this company here before I ever got involved with them. $900 in repairs and my dishwasher is still not fixed. The technician (Matt) came three times and each time he discovered something new was wrong. I'm not sure what is worse - their dishonesty or their ineptitude both at the field level and in the office (Ilona). I could write more but the sooner I stop thinking about how this company operates and how I was taken advantage of, the better off I will be. I will now let Karma hopefully do it's job.

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