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Mike worked on our home last summer, replacing most of the electrical wiring throughout the house (especially where there was knob & tube), moving a lot of wiring so that we could finish the basement, and installing new light fixtures, outlets and receptacles wherever we needed them and where it made sense. It was a heck of a lot of work with a lot of difficult areas to work in and out of (house over 100 yrs old). Mike did a fantastic job and we couldn't be happier. He always had a positive, professional attitude and was always punctual. He took great care around sensitive areas of the home. And he answered and addressed any questions we had and helped to educate us about our home. What is great is that Mike really cares and examines all of it like a fellow homeowner, and thus, provided great advise on what to look out for and how we should prepare for the future so that we're not redoing things or creating new costs for ourselves (he helped set us up for the kitchen renovation we have planned in a couple of years). We definitely recommend him!

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