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I believe we judge companies too often by whether or not there is a problem, rather than by how well a problem is handled. I bought a live-edge dining room table from TGT a year ago, and due to many possible reasons, including super-dry air in the home after a furnace replacement, the table began to crack. I reached out to Melanie and Eddie from Tree Green and they offered to repair it at our home, presuming it didn't get any worse. Nearly a year went by and in Mid-december the crack had become significantly worse. After contacting them again they determined that the repair would have to be done at their shop in Collingwood. So they made a special trip to Toronto to grab up the table, bring it back, completely rebuild the table and return it to us before Christmas eve. When working with natural materials like huge pieces of reclaimed wood, you can hardly be assured there will never be a problem. But this company went above and beyond the call to make it right. I would confidently recommend them to anyone looking for a unique dining room table.

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