I haven't used this company for any Plumbing. But I have had an altercation with one of there driver's. He pulled out in front of me in a 50 Zone proceeded to do 20K and when I beeped my horn he brake checked me. When we got on Memorial he sped up and slowed down as I did while I was trying to change lanes to not let me in. Know if this is the type of owner slash employees they have, while driving what can be is really a rolling billboard. It's not a company I will ever use

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After my neighbors garage went up in flames and damaged my garage, Servicemaster was recommended to do the restoration on the damage done to mine. They came in quickly to re-mediate the smell in my garage and have been diligent on scheduling the subtrades as weather permits. Am satisfied with the work done.

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Very satisfied with the installation and the quality of the windows. Not at all satisfied with communication and timelines.Signed contract and gave deposit for installation in early October, they came late Oct. crew was great windows were good except main picture window was damaged. Estimated time to get window sent back and repaired at factory was two weeks. At 4 weeks started calling them, finally at 6 weeks got a date for installation, told them I would postpone Christmas vacation and to make sure all was ready. was told the only thing that would delay this was the weather. 9am rolls around, no crew, phone call at 9:30, the wrong part was sent can't install window till January. So what happened to sending the window back to factory? Have I been fed a line. Now waiting for supervisor to phone me back. Final window installed Jan 24

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Company Response

Dear Mike,
Thank you very much for your feedback! We regret to hear that you are not satisfied with our practices - this is something that we take very seriously. The majority of our orders are placed, delivered and installed without any trouble, some unfortunately are unlucky. In terms of the initial installation date - the date that we give is always approximate but our goal is to always be on time. We apologize for any miscommunication in regards to the damaged window, it takes around 4 weeks for the service process. The order was placed as soon as the damage was discovered and a replacement was sent out as soon possible. To ensure safe transportation all windows are well sealed. This prevents us from detecting any damage until the day of the appointment. True to our goal we did not give up on your order and did not compromise our integrity. We hope that the windows we installed were worth the wait! Please remember that you have a warranty on product and labour, so if you have any concerns all you have to do is contact us and we will do everything possible to resolve the issue.