Not the experience I would have expected. Took weeks to get anyone out to quote. After someone finally came out they said I would hear back the next day. I didn't hear back at all. I followed-up a few weeks later. The guy who quoted couldn't remember ever having been at my house to quote. Then I finally got a quote and got booked. They arrived today to install, installer hadn't taken correct notes during estimate. Had ordered too much carpet that I had already paid for but then charged me an additional $7.50 per step because I was only have the tread carpeted and not the riser. They asked if something had changed since the quote. The stairs were exactly the same as before. Said they would see about a carpet credit. I never got a call back and see that they have taken the balance from credit card without my authorisation or having even had a chance to inspect the job. No receipt for the money already taken. Extremely disappointed with this company. Will not recommend or use again myself.

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Company Response

I am one of the owners from Deerfoot Carpet.
Here is the email response from one of our managers, we just realized this review is connected to a email response
From earlier today.
Below are some additional comments I have provided myself.

Sorry to hear about your concerns regarding this installation.

As agreed I have provided you the original quote plus the invoices for the material and labor.

According to the installer he was not told at the time of measure that the stairs would have the risers finished with hardwood. When he observed the jobsite the stair were stripped and were raw wood. He went on an assumption that the entire stairwell would require carpet, as this is the norm.

This resulted in an error in the quotation (stair labor too low, too much carpet ordered). The quantity ordered was 'normal' for two stair wells completed with pattern carpet, with landings and oversize (4' +) steps.

We will come to the jobsite and retrieve the carpet that remains. We will provide a refund to your credit card for any sellable pieces that remain.

If you have any questions please address them with me and I will be sure to take care of you.

I have cc'd the owners with this e-mail so that they are also aware of your situation.

Owner's response

I am sorry to hear that your experience with Deerfoot was not positive.
We certainly appreciate any feedback whether positive or negative from all of our customers.
It is unfortunate that I am first hearing about this issue in a forum such as this. Deerfoot Carpet and Flooring does, pride itself on resolving any concerns which arise with our customers.
We encourage our customers to talk
To a manager if there are any concerns.
We do our best to be fair, and take care of our customers concerns.
We will also personally address any concerns with our staff regarding them getting back to you with quotes when they said they would, so we can help everyone improve, and help prevent similar future issues from arising.
In this particular issue, we will be having a meeting with the installer and sales person to reduce the chance of this from happening again.

Thank you for your feedback, it will help
us be a better company.

If there is anything further you require from us, please feel free to give me any of the managers at Deerfoot a call.

Thank you