I found this company on the online yellow pages. I had also had one other company in to give me a quote on some work in the basement and crawlspace. The other company wanted to tare up a one foot section all around the base (interior) of my finished basement. Roy from Clarke informed me that that would be quite dangerous as my basement did not have an actual footing and the block walls sat on my cement slab floor. Meaning if you tore up the edge of the florr, the walls would essentially be drifting on broken pieces of concrete. The area the other cmpany planned on putting my sumppump was also wrong. They never used a lazer level, and when Roy checked it out, it turned out they were going to put the pump and hole at the highest point of the basement floor. Hard for water to run up hill. Upon some more investigation Roy determined that I really didn't need to deal with that extensive of a job. He found that the finished part of the basement was fine and the couple tiny problems were ones I could take care of myself. From there we focused on the crawlspace. We determined that that was the only area of actual concern. From there he informed me of the products and service to seal that area up with the membrane system. The explanations and quotes were easily understood. I decided on the spot that I would work with this company. The crews showed almost right when they said they would and got right to work. I was surprised at the work they could do in some very tight areas. The job did take a little longer than was expected (nothing to be concerned over when looking at the scope and situations). When the work was done I was very happy with what they had done and have no complaints. They were very good in explaining what I should watch for and have the insulation crews do when they were to come and spray insulation into the crawlspace (see my other review about Georgian Insulation Systems). This company was great to deal with throughout the entire process. They saved the structural integrity of my home, by actually knowing the different types of foundations, they saved my thousands of dollars by informing me of what I REALLY needed to have done, and they greatly improved the air quality in my home. Nothing but satisfied with this company and I would highly recommend them.

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So I got an estimate and decided to hire this company when my energy auditor highly recommended them. Turns out he was not suppose to even make recommendations, and he was doing so to get a kickback. The estimate seemed good and was what I wanted. A big part of the work was to inject insulation into all my exterior walls. My belief was, and the owner assured me, that you can inject insulation into walls with preexisting baton insulation to fill in any gaps. He tested the walls to see if the work could be done by looking into ONE receptacle box that I had taken the faceplate off of. Turns out he should have done some test whole. I was willing to have the walls drilled from the exterior, so there was no reason for him to not have done this. Turns out, that that isn't how the injection insulation works, and if you try that, you could very well blow your drywall off. That was a huge setback as a lot of the other renos were based around this work, as well as the money that would be coming in from the energy grants. The receptionist was good enough to give me the owners cell phone number when I called in to freak out, and she also informed me that he was in the immediate area. I called him and demanded he get to my house and figure out what was going to happen. He came and redid the estimate and everyuthing seemed to be on its way. While the crews were working I had to leave to pick up materials for other projects, and I left my brother to tend the house. The finished up and left before I came home. Upon my arrival I was quick to notice the work was not completed properly. In my basement I had two walls that I had studded in and they were to be sprayed with 4" of foam. Well, 2x4's are only 3.75 inches wide and in most spots I am lucky if the foam comes out half the width of the 3.75". And, on one unstudded wall, I am lucky if there is 1" on most of the wall (with some holes where I can still touch the block foundation wall). The next day I emailed the owner, who was always quite fast in responding to emails in the pre-work era, to inform him of the touch up work that should be done. That was over a month ago and I have still never heard anything back. Rest assured I paid full price though. I would not recommend dealing with this company in any fashion or manner.

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Company Response

How dare you claim a kickback to an energy inspector. This statement is completely false and slanderous. I demand that this be removed immediately.

When my crew arrived on the site it was determined that the walls were already adequately insulated with fiberglass and in fact would not take any insulation. When I was informed I immediately went to the job site and adjusted the quotation to reflect the work that could not be done. We did not charge for work that was not done. The energy grants are based on work that is actually done, Not to create an income for work that was not done.

The defects in the foam were addressed the day after our office was notified.