We had our gutters replaced at the end of August and are happy we chose Tristar. They gave us a competitive quote, and Kevin was always available to answer our questions and concerns before the work was done. The crew of two were courteous and hardworking and did an amazing job of installation. We would have no hesitation recommending Tristar. They are a perfect 10!

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Just over a year later, we are still unsatisfied with our new roof. We felt we did our due diligence researching companies, and we drove to Vancouver to view previous work done by Affordable Quality. Beware: adresses provided in the binder are from work done with Affordable's previous owner. Perhaps this is the discrepancy in quality. In addition, on the first day of roofing, the truck read "Joe's Construction" and I feared they had contracted our job out. Justin, the company representative, assured us that the two companies had merged. We have now what appear to be ripples in several surfaces of our roof; an independant inspection suggested that the underlay was misapplied and therefore affected the roof's shingles. In certain light it is very noticeable. Clean up was atrocious. We found nails all over our driveway as well as sharp pieces of wood. Oil stains from a compressor were left on our concrete. The roofer who returned to "clean up" used WD40 and now our concrete has been stripped in the same areas, which looks just as bad. We had to clean up the nails ourselves. Justin, the representative, assured us that our shrubs and trees would be covered. This did not happen. Roofing material fell into trees and shrubs and damaged them. We are still finding this material as we garden and landscape. The owner knocked one hundred dollars off our $21, 000 bill for our trouble. Our gutters were damaged by the ladders, and the inspector stated that this was avoidable but the roofers were careless. When we expressed our concerns, excuses were made: a) the ripples would flatten with heat (one summer gone, still looking at them!) b) the mess in the driveway was left by the bin company and had nothing to do with Affordable Quality (didn't they hire them?) In short: Affordable? No. Quality? No. The company's owner knows we were unsatisfied but has not followed up. I invite him to do so and I will remove this review. Thanks.

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