A lot of unpleasant experience when doing business with this company. Their staff have horrible attitude, some are very rude. They overcharged me on the weight around 500lbs and 100$ surcharge. The booking agent was sweet to tell me by phone and email before my booking that they didn't have any surcharge, no hidden fees. They charged only based on the weight. I sent her my stuff list, she quoted me 745$ based on 1000lbs. Now they charged me 1118.25$ based on the weight of 1540lbs. I was out of blue, 17 boxes (many are small boxes, see attached picture) are as heavy as around 900lbs. When I asked their customer service manager if I can rescale, he yelled me that I was creating problems and wasting his time. They also damaged my stuff. One leg of a brand new chair was broken (see picture). They changed their contract in the midway of shipping; almost every contract items were changed. When I questioned this inconsistence, the woman working in their accounting department yelled me over the phone that she didn't care about what their booking agent emailed to me; no matter what, I had to pay based on the contract she sent to me. Also it was very difficult for me to find my booking agent to ask her about her quote, the bill, and payment method after I got their new contract. She sat there and didn't pick up her phone when I used my home phone (associated with my booking). I hung up and call her again with different number. She answered her phone right away and transferred me to sb else without a word after she recognized my voice. “Needless to say, UTTER CHAOS!!!” this is the comment from their employee! Further, they were almost 2 hours late to deliver my stuff as their schedule. I had to change my daily life. I was 15 minutes late. Then their truck driver told me that he was busy and can't wait for me that long. He was going to leave without unloading my stuff. I saw his truck almost empty except my stuff and another mattress. What kind of personality! No honesty, no respect to their customers at all. They don’t appreciate your business. WHAT THEY TRULY WANT IS ONLY YOUR MONEY. I list my shipment items below for the public judgement. Is it possible to be 1540lbs for this small shipment? They said they weighed it at government certified scaling station and showed me the weight ticket when they delivered. But I have no way to find out that ticket is for my stuff. one queen size kingsdown Sonoma mattress, one box spring, two bed frames, one 7-piece Aran dining table (I estimated 150lbs), one Costa bonded leather sofa (light one,, one 32’’ HAIER 720P HDTV, (shipping weight 15lbs) (, 17 boxes (many small boxes, some as big as shoe box, the lightest one I weighed today was 3.9lbs, the heaviest one was 40lbs), one upright vacuum, (17lbs) ( one small square dining table (34lb14oz Ikea info), one small side table (8lbs, Ikea info), one 0.7cu.ft microwave (27lb, one condo drying rack (, one small iron board (purchased at 10$ at Canadiantire). one small plastic flat box (dish dry rack) one small plastic bag (small plastic garbage bins and plastic wash basin)

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