Unfortunately, unlike the other reviewers, I had a mediocre experience with the movers. While the movers were polite and friendly and the cost was reasonable (not low, but not high either), I likely wouldn't recommend them in the future. During our consult, we were upsold into hiring 3 movers instead of 2 movers with the idea it would be faster. However, I found the 3rd mover many times, wasn't fully working so I would probably recommend sticking with 2. Also, during the move, I found one of the movers was smoking in the truck next to our furniture which I thought was a bit unprofessional. The last thing was that the movers also showed up at the wrong time. We had received confirmation of our time slot and the movers showed up over an hour early. Luckily, we were at the apartment and were ready for them. While I felt that they did finish in a reasonable time, I likely wouldn't recommend these movers in the future.

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Company Response

Hello Patricia, David here from Agility Moving & Storage Ltd.
I am the bookings agent that took care of your job and booked you in, I am also the office manager and in charge of enforcing company policy.
First I would like to thank you for leaving a truthful review of your experience, and I also would like to apologize to you as you found our services mediocre. We strive to make sure that all of our clients have a wonderful and positive experience when they use our company. Of course, when we receive positive, negative or neutral reviews, we use the information conveyed by our customers to make our services better, so once again thank you for leaving this truthful review.
I would like to address a few of the comments that you made in your review. We do not "upsell" here at Agility as we do not make a profit on the third man in the 3 man option. We always recommend 3 men whenever there is a move where elevators are used. This is for 2 reasons, first it makes for a faster flow of content which lessens the overall time that we take to load and unload the truck than if 2 men would have been hired. Being a by the hour company, the less time we are at you location, the cheaper the overall move is. Secondly, the third man stands guard when the other crew members are upstairs preparing and bringing items down to the truck / moving area. It is very important that someone be at the truck at all time on jobs that have an elevator as a point of access as we want to ensure that no one removes any of your belongings from the truck while the crew is up in your unit. This may be why you thought he was not working, although the staff member should have be protecting items already in the truck and also preparing pads and equipment for the other crew members when they return to the truck.
The most disturbing comment that you made was that of our crew man who was smoking in the truck. I would like to inform you that this is a serious breech of company policy for several reasons. Some of those being fire hazard, burn and damage potential to a customers items, the unpleasant smell of smoke which has the potential to linger on a customers items, potential allergy risk to customers, and health & safety concerns to our employees. This policy is strictly enforced and is one of the only policies, that if breached, demand immediate dismissal of the employee. We ask that if our employees wish to smoke, they do that a far distance away from the truck and pick up their refuse when finished. After a in-depth investigation conducted by myself and the company's president, we did in fact find that a member of your crew was smoking in the box of the truck, therefore was in breech of company policy. He has since been dismissed from our company, and we held a training course for all of our workers to ensure that this breech of policy never happens again. I wish to sincerely apologize for this breech of policy which was, I am sure, very disturbing to you and your family.
I hope that in the future, we can still be of help to you for any moving and storage needs that you may have however I fully understand, that if based on this experience, you do not wish to contact us.
Please once again accept my apologies for you mediocre experience with our services.
Warm Regards, David