We were selling our house and as a part of the recommendations from our agent it was suggested we get our gas fireplace cleaned and serviced. We had been in the house for over 4 years without any issues with it. The technician showed up from this company and did the whole cleaning and then discovered we didn't have a part in the fireplace that is needed as a safety feature to stop it from over heating. He then placed a Red Tag on our fireplace. He told me because of the age of the fireplace that we couldn't get the part replaced and would need to spend $3000-$4000 on a new one. He also said our chimney needed to be cleaned which wasn't a service he offered. This all came as a huge surprise to me as we had never had any issues with the fireplace and it was the only way we heated our house. This same technician was at our house 3.5 years prior when we did think we had any issue with the fireplace did a whole exam of the fireplace and gave it the all clear. Why wasn't this missing part discovered then? We've also never removed or replaced any parts in the fireplace because, again, we had no problems with it. Anyways after a phone call to the manufacturer I discovered we could replace the missing part. We also had our chimney cleaned and it turned out that a cleaning wasn't needed after all. When the part came in a different company was used to replace it!

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