I am doing a renovation on the main floor of my house including putting in a 60 by 40 inch window. I felt up to the challenge of doing it myself but was hoping to find someone to buy the window from who could bend the aluminum flashing I would need to finish the exterior of the window and who might offer a few tips on the installation. I was naive. Lots of companies were willing to sell me the window but no one was willing to offer advice (or were even able to provide it, as at most places you deal with salesmen with no knowledge of installation) and no one was willing to take 10 minutes to bend the flashing I needed. Luckily, I ended up deciding on a Northstar Window and one of the dealers in Toronto was Bayview. I called Toby, and even though he was very busy, he took the time to answer all my questions and was happy to bend the flashing for me. After installing the window, I realized I needed a bit more flashing and Toby, again, was only too happy to meet me at his shop after he had been installing all day and stayed to bend me the few extra pieces I needed. There is little profit in doing this menial work, hence why most guys won't waste their time doing it for a do it yourselfer. There's more money to be made elsewhere. Toby seems to be someone who always takes the time to make sure his customers are happy. I wish there were more companies like this out there. I will never buy a window or door anywhere else.

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