The furnace that the repair is being done on is only 3 years old, still under warranty for parts. Service call alone is over $107.00, plus with every part that needs to be replaced I'm being charged shipping and now they've added a new charge called the warranty paperwork fee which is $75.00 ( what the heck is this for?). So now I've been waiting since Friday this past week, in this cold weather with sick people in the home and the temperature of the house set at 19 degrees. They don't care about their customers, they just care about hiding in fees and over charging. I have a feeling that I'm being ripped off, but don't know who to talk too, but if I am I would really like to know how I can get my money back and teach them a lesson as well.. Back in June of this year I had to call them because the AC wasn't working and when they came, apparently it was the control panel that needed to be replaced, paid $50 for shipping of the part. And the worker installed it in 30 mins and still charged me for the whole hour. I don't feel comfortable with this company and I regret listening to my friend suggesting it.

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