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The shower leak was fixed, took him several attempts, but was able to fix the problem. The ceiling in the living room had to be replaced in 2 area because of water leaks. Eric got the sheetrock cut to fit the holes. He used filler I had already bought. He looked at some sheetrock tape I had, said it was fine. He used a hair dryer to speed up the process of drying the first coat. Put 2nd coat of putty on. Used dryer again. I noticed that the ceiling was not smooth and said something about it. Eric said the ceiling "popcorn" would cover this up and not to worry. I had a roller brush that Eric said was perfect. He would later complain that the roller was the wrong type. After the first coat of "popcorn" was applied, the seams from the sheetrock were still visible. At this point Eric had worked about 8 hrs on the jobs. He then explained to me how to finish the job by doing a 2nd coat of "popcorn" I wasn't convinced this would work, but took him at his word. I paid him $400 ($50 hr). I did the 2nd coat, still looked terrible. Called him to complain about his work. He offered to come by and look at the ceiling and gave more suggestions as to how to fix it. I used his suggestions again and the ceiling is not acceptable. Called him again and he offered to come back and "fix it", but would charge his hourly rate to fix problems he should have fixed the first time. Eric complained that he stopped the job to save us money. NEVER told him money was an issue and wanted the job done right. He then AGAIN made excuses about the equipment I supplied yet he went to Home Depot to buy supplies and could have gotten whatever he felt he needed. I would NEVER hire him again or refer him to others that need a handyman.

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