Hello… Went to northwest kitchenware to first buy a water valve, reason was initially I thought that was the problem with my expresso machine…I replaced it, but problem continued….so I took machine with water valve installed, the water valve I had bought there….after one week, received a call, saying the machine was fixed, $230…which was fine…machine is working great!!! However, when I received paper work for the work done, I was charged for water valve and a dispenser valve…now dispenser valve I understand, but they replaced the same water valve they had sold me the week before for $65….i complained but the girl at front cashier made up BS excuses…so not totally happy with my experience there, because was charged for same part twice…Even I can open a business like that, and sell defective parts and after charge for same part you just sold….like I said before, cant complain the service since machine is working great, but not impressed with the dishonesty in selling a defective water valve, and one week later charging for same exact part. For that reason….will not recommend it!!!

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