From the time it took for an on-site estimate to the installation (first installation day) was almost 2 months. This seemed really long to me, but I accepted it as it was said to be a busy time of year for garage door installations. The process on getting a set date for installation was a bit frustrating, as the first suggested date did not work. Therefore, I had asked if the following week was available, which they said yes, and I was booked in for the following week Friday. On the Tuesday of the week of installation, I received a call asking if the next week would work for installation instead of the date that was booked. The appointment was booked 3.5 weeks in advance, and I had made arrangements to be available during that time. Needless to say, changing it did not work. I felt this was disorganized and not acceptable to call 3 days prior asking to move it, stating they were over booked and didn't want to pay their people overtime. I was insistent that the installation date had to remain. They honored it and came out on the day and time previously booked. After 3 hours of installing, I was told that they didn't have a roller, and couldn't complete the installation. The door was installed but the opener couldn't be without that part. We booked another time for Monday early evening for them to come back and finish. Then when they came to finish it, there was a bend in the bracket, so the installation of the opener couldn't be completed. I was asked when they could come back to complete the installation, stating I didn't need to be there for them to complete it. However, I wanted to be there for assistance with setting my vehicle garage door buttons to be programmed, as I'd had difficulties with that in the past and wanted help from the experts. I was told they could come back the next day (Tuesday) during the day to complete the installation but then would come back again on Wednesday, early evening, to help with this. And that they would put in my file that I would get a free annual inspection to make up for all the issues. They did finish the door opener installation on Tues, and it worked when I got home. On Wednesday, I waited for them to come to help with the vehicle button setting, but they didn't show. I sent an e-mail that night asking if I got the nights mixed up (they weren't but thought I would give the benefit of the doubt), 3 days later still no response to the e-mail. Additionally, on Tuesday morning they already took the final payment, without any sign off from me or knowing if the garage door opener worked at this point. Very disappointing experience overall.

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