Happened in June, 2014. Eavestrough cleaned by hand in less than 10 minutes. Told me there was a hole on my roof, probably caused by animals like racoons getting into my attic. Showed me a picture on their cell-phone of the extent of the damage. Quote me $1,300 + HST to do the repairs. Price subsequently reduced to $1,100 if I agree to pay them in cash and have the work done right there and then. I didn't buy into these, but their report of "damage" and a "big hole" on the roof haunted me over the entire winter months. A few weeks back, I asked some roofers to provide me with quotes on a roof tune-up. None of them see a big hole or damages on my roof. No evidence whatsoever of entry by animals in to the attic either. I then realized Home Pro Exterior Services did not tell me the truth about the "damages" on my roof last summer knowing full well that I wouldn't be able to physically climb up the ladder to visually check such "damages". Beware of this outfit. Not an honest company to conduct business with. Avoid at all cost !

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Have my house roof completely re-shingled some 6 years ago. Water started to leak through into the house a few weeks back during heavy rain storms. Called Feng and left a message a number of times for him to come and diagnose/fix the problem. He didn't bother to call me back at all. On my 3rd try, I managed to get hold of, and speak to Feng, the owner. He promised to show up the next day. He never did. Wing Hing simply failed to honour its 10 years written warranty. The leak is an emergency to us, and the company does not care a bit about the damages caused. Very disappointed. Beware ! Avoid hiring this company if at all possible.

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