After a bad experience at another vacuum shop, I took my vacuum to Vacuum King. I told Thomas I had a recurring problem with my vacuum and asked if he could show me how I could fix it myself. Without hesitation, he took me to his repair room and patiently showed me step by step what the problem was and how I could remedy it. He had the opportunity to make more money off me, but instead chose to be honest and helpful. For this, I would highly recommend him to any of my friends.

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My experience with this company was very disappointing. Like an earlier reviewer, I too booked a day off work in order to meet Andrew at our predetermined time, only to be stood up. When I finally reached him later that day, he gave me an excuse about having an emergency call to go to. Whether that was true or not, the fact is that he didn't have the courtesy to call me. He just left me sitting there. I was quite upset but he seemed apologetic and rescheduled for the following week. Again, I took the day off work. And AGAIN he was a no-show!! Not even a phone call! I could hardly contain my anger when I got a hold of him on the phone but at this point I was desperate to have the work done immediately because I had guests coming over for a backyard party within days. He guaranteed he'd be there the next day and took a few dollars off the final bill. The next day he finally showed up with his crew. At this point I could no longer take another day off work so I left them to do their job. By the time I returned, they were already packed up and leaving. The work seemed fine and they had cleaned up after themselves but when I took a look around, I realized they'd done less than the bare minimum that I requested. I paid $650 dollars for a service I thought I wouldn't have to repeat for 10 years. Now I'm back here trying to find another Tree Service to do the work that they neglected.

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