Terrible experience, we would not recommend this company to anyone. The project budget and timeline weren't managed properly, and we have found obvious issues with all the work sub-trades did. The project went well over the 20% contingency in the contract without notice. Regular status updates were repeatedly requested, however minimal updates were provided. Near the end of the project we asked the GC how our budget was before making a decision on adding scope. We were told the budget was good, which he likely had no idea because he wasn't managing it properly. Soon after we received an invoice for almost 50% of our budget, putting us over budget. Invoicing was extremely irregular. The project finally completed just under a year after starting, when we reminded the GC to get a final inspection. The project was supposed to take 5-6 months. Most of the work completed after 9 months, however it should be noted that due to the poor quality of work, being over budget and over time, we decided to cut back on several items. A lot of things that weren't completed or done to a satisfactory level were eliminated from scope, and we took them on ourselves. We had requested several issues be fixed and gave ample time. The issues were not fixed at all, or the GC attempted to pass off a poor job as complete. At that point we had lost all confidence in the GC and wanted to be done with him. Sub-trade work was poorly supervised and reviewed (if at all). We found numerous issues with each, a few examples are listed. Closets weren't painted, paint drops were left all over brand new hardwood floors, and spots were missed throughout the house. Several obvious plumbing mistakes were made (shower not working at all, hot/cold swapped) that we found after moving in. Electrical issues were also found that should have failed inspected, which we had fixed. There are several finishing issues as well that we have picked away at.

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