Holly where do I start, well after the boss aka my wife spoke to all the moving companies (I feel bad for the representatives) she decided on the company with the representative who knew their stuff and as she would say "stand her ground". Bless Korisas heart for putting up with us, we know it wasn't easy. We probably asked over a million questions by the end of it. We moved a lot of valuable china dish sets that have been in the family for ages, some even older than me and I am 68 and counting. I am very grateful for all the hard work everyone at that company did for my wife and I not one piece of our valuable china was broken. My wife and I are both retired so thank goodness Absolute Van Lines took that into consideration upon booking, they really cared about us and our belongings and even have us a discount for being old. I have already recommended this company to everyone I know, that's 68 years of friends so I hope I can get them some business so everyone can experience a splendid move like my wife and I.

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