They removed my old insulation that was contaminated everywhere with rodent excrement along with the old paper batts and probably a truckload of shingles which the roofer had allowed to fall into the attic during re-roofing. They vented my kitchen and bathroom fans out the roof instead of blowing into the attic where it was making the roof moldy. They also added vents to the soffit and roof to correct the attic's ventilation. They took pictures throughout and showed me the spic and span attic before refilling everything with new, much cleaner and safer insulation. There were drop sheets all the way from the door to the attic entrance. They were polite and on time. I could not stump these guys on a question. They know their work! They were the only company of 4 that I called that could do all the work, including the new roof vents. I will definitely be having them back to do the crawlspace when money permits. Thanks Leo and crew :)

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