I hired Home Service Repair Specialist originally to clean the eavestrough in June 2017. While he was there, I asked if he could replace a downspout as well. I had used a plastic downspout which did not work well. Shawn said he could do this. He "took measurements" and came back another day shortly after to replace the plastic one I had. He obviously didn't measure properly because he started with a cream coloured length of pipe (the colour of my downspout) and then finished off using a brown length of pipe. He saw me watching and said he could replace it if I wanted. I told him right then and there that I wanted it replaced all in cream. He said he would have to come back another day. Summer came and went and I realized he never did come back. Since September, I have been calling, texting and leaving messages at work and on his cell. Whenever I was able to reach him he reassured me the pipe was in his truck and when he was out my way he'd stop by. At the beginning of November I spoke with him again and asked whether I was getting the run around. He had the nerve to say replacing it was a courtesy because the original (verbal) quote was without the extra length. I told him if he couldn't measure properly that was on him not on me and therefore certainly not a courtesy. He said he would call the office and have them put an appointment in the calendar. I have not heard anything further and have not been able to reach someone at the office to verify whether it is in his calendar (which I highly doubt).

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