About a year and a half ago, we remodel our bathroom. Part of the renovation included putting in a shower panel. After much research, we came across Calgary Sinks Direct. John was very knowledgeable and helpful with the selection and purchase of the shower panel. His products were better quality, less expensive and in stock. Fast forward to today...until now, we have thoroughly enjoyed our shower and have had no problems. Lately however, we have not been getting hot water. The shower has been lukewarm at best. We phoned John to ask if he had suggestions. Because we are in Calgary with hard water, he instantly knew what the issue was. He walked us through the whole process of fixing it on the phone! We had the choice of decalcifying it or coming out and getting a new part - which he had in stock. We got the new part and are again enjoying hot showers! I HIGHLY recommend this company.

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