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I was having some problems with my lights. They would work sometimes, but other times I turned them on they would make this cracking sound, then just turn off completely. I called my friend who worked in Express Electric, and he said he would come over and help me. He was very fast and quick, and it turned out the wires were not connected properly. He did a great job, but it wasn't the best, just adequate. The problem was the money, and I think it was a lot for such a small job, but otherwise he was great.

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I was having some trouble with my sink, so I hired PJB Mechanical. My friend suggested it because her boyfriend worked there, so I thought I would give it a shot. The price was kind of high, and they weren't over-the-top, so I don't think I'll hire them again. They did an alright job that any plumbing place would. There came on time and worked quickly to get the job done, which is what I wanted. I think they could have done a better job on the sink, to be honest, but otherwise it was a very good job and was handled like a professional. I would suggest they lower there price a bit, as not everyone is that rich.

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