I couldn't get the pilot light in my furnace to light up. I called them to come over and take a look at it. Given that it was a Sunday, they charged their weekend rate of $106 which I was fine with. They also claimed that would be the cost assuming they were able to fix it on the spot. The guy came over and within 15 mins the problem was solved as he simply had to replace the thermocouple (pretty much a copper wire). He attempted to charge me $106 + $40 (labour) + $165 (for the thermocouple). He essentially wanted ~$350. I got him down to $250 but am still peeved. The thermocouple costs $8.00 at homedepot!!! I called another furnace company to check out what he did. They also agreed that the whole job should have simply been a service call of ~$100. The parts were a negligible cost. They simply came over trying to trump up the costs anyway possible. When I called the manager to speak to him, they hung up on me and refused to further pick up the phone. NEVER use this company!

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