I would never recommand King Stone to anyone, due to many different reasons.The first reason is that they charged me overprice. The Granite that was chosen is only around $5000 in total, this includes installation fees, etc. However Ken, the owner (at least thats what he told me) charged me a total of $10 000, despite the invoice and estimation said $5000. The second reason, they did a very crude job. My kitchen cabinet and walls have severe scratch and dent marks from their installation. They also made a mess, and I had to call them multiple times to fix something, that they did not install properly. The third reason I would not use their company is the employees' attitude. The employees including Ken, have very terrible attitue towards me, when all it did was point out something that they did not like. Literally I all did was point out things like when they damaged the cabinets. The fourth reason, they do not respect their customers at all. I had to call them multiple times just to get one of the mess they made fixed, they don't return your call either. They also makes decisions without my constent, an example would be that Ken told one thing, only for the employees that come the next day to do something completely that you did not agree to. When asked they said Ken said so, I called Ken only to find out that he made a new and different decision than yesterday. Such as trying to dismantle my oven (due it it not fitting into the cabinetry properly) and almost causing a fire hazard, it was a good thing I was there to stop them from doing that. Despite the fact that the day before Ken said to move other things then install the oven. When I phoned Ken to ask him if he did tell the employee to dismantle the oven, he said "Yes, Don't you Trust me I'm a professional". He was the one who measured the oven in the first place. The fifth reason: they said they had full coverage warrenty for one year, yet when I phoned them to get one of their mistakes fixed, half the time they did not want to do it, and tried to make up excuses. Overall I found their service to be extremely terrible, and their granite over price. Their service was not only terrible but extremely confusing as they keep on changing things at the last second without informing customers at all.

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